Meet Our Interns

Summer 2018

Yingting Xu – Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Spring 2018

Alivia Paniagua-Garant – Museum of Tolerance

Emily Chittick – LA Museum of the Holocaust

Jessica Powers – LA Museum of the Holocaust

Henry Lee – Sherman Grinberg Film Library

Let’s congratulate Henry on his summer 2018 job offer from the Sherman Grinberg as a Film Scanning Operator!

Syeda Qadri – Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Troy Harding – Petersen Automotive Museum 

Bradley Paull – Petersen Automotive Museum

Ari Shapless – Sonia Sotomayor School for History and Dramatic Arts

Jenna Thornhill Dewitt – El Pueblo de Los Ángeles Historical Monument

Winter 2018

Ben Marullo- Petersen Automotive Museum

Chloe Zilliac- Office of Senator Dianne Feinstein

Griffin Stout- Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Jade Quintero- Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Jeanette Nadal- Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Ryan Andersen- Sonia Sotomayor School for History and Dramatic Arts

Samantha Nickelson- Petersen Automotive Museum

Joe Sousa- Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Fall 2017

Rebecca Campbell- Museum of Tolerance 

Gregory Verini- Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Spring/Summer 2017

Megan Haddad- Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Alejandro Santander – Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Charles Kellenberger – Petersen Automotive Museum

Gabriel Perez – Museum of Social Justice

Isabella Welch – Sherman Grinberg Film Library

Janna Lastrud – Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Lisa Kahn – Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Rachel Sass – Museum of Tolerance

Sarah Amador – Museum of Social Justice

Jeannie Ma – Museum of Tolerance

Winter 2017

Anna Rindfleisch

Oceane Amette – Museum of Tolerance

Anna Rindfleisch

Kimberly Eddinger – Peterson Automotive

Anna Rindfleisch

Franklin Spencer – Museum of Social Justice

Brianna Beck – Sherman Grinberg Film Library and Archive

Anna Rindfleisch

Linda Esquivel – Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Anna Rindfleisch

Drake Morton W ’17 El Pueblo Historic Monument

Anna Rindfleisch

Lily Swaddling Krol W ’17 Peterson Automotive

Fall 2016

Anna Rindfleisch

Helen Immerso – Peterson Automotive Museum

Anna Rindfleisch

Isabelle Liu – Museum of Social Justice

Anna Rindfleisch

Jerred Scheive – Los Angeles Office of Congressman Ted Lieu

Anna Rindfleisch

Katherine Ramirez – Peterson Automotive Museum

Summer 2016

Anna Rindfleisch

David Castro – El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument

Clarissa Borges – Museum of Tolerance

Anna Rindfleisch

Katie Osterkamp – Museum of Social Justice

Spring 2016

Anna Rindfleisch

Anna Rindfleisch – Museum of Tolerance

John Ayala

John A. Ayala – Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust

Geoffrey Putnam

Geoffrey Putnam – Petersen Automatic Museum

Tyler Simpson

Tyler Simpson – Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Bradley Sexton – Sherman Grinberg Film Library

Winter 2015

Caitlin Gustaff – Sherman Grinberg Film Library

Jacqueline Devereaux – El Pueblo Monument

Fall 2015

Cindy Macias – Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance

Summer 2015

Ivan Hernandez – Los Angeles Museum of Tolerance

Spring 2015

Ashley Bojorquez – Museum of Tolerance

Michael Stinson – Study of Political Graphics

Julio Gonzalez – School of History and Dramatic Arts

Winter 2015

Hermy Chen – Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Beatris Coronado – Center for the Study of Political Graphics

Beatris processed and described political posters and art from the Vietnam War Era into the archives at the Center for the Study of Political Graphics. The graphics she helped describe are now accessible to the public through the Online Archive of California.

Andrea Herrera – Museum of Tolerance

Megan Hoff – Museum of Social Justice

Kyle Knoll – School of History and Dramatic Arts

Cindy Lin – Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Fall 2014

Jeffrey Dohoda – Zócalo Public Square

Brianda Felix – Museum of Social Justice

Brianda served as a docent for the Museum of Social Justice exhibition Exodus. She interviewed visitors for their feedback and opinions about the exhibition and recorded some personal testimonies detailing their immigration experiences.

Samantha Lalison – School of History and Dramatic Arts

At The School of History and Dramatic Arts, Samantha worked with students and faculty to help develop History Day projects. She helped students enhance their research and writing skills.

Suji Kim – Pluralistic School

Cristal Rim – Museum of Social Justice

Summer 2014

Katie Bruck – Museum of Social Justice

Katie conducted tours and provided information to museum visitors about the history of Methodist social justice work in Los Angeles. She also prepared the Museum’s 2014 exhibit, Exodus, which examined the experiences of people crossing the border from Mexico into the United States. She conducted research, curated artifacts and photographs, helped guide the creative direction of the exhibit, and wrote informational captions to accompany the project.

Deepeaka Dhaliwal – Museum of Social Justice

Deepeaka was a co-curator and helped conduct research and compile artifacts for the museum’s exhibit, Exodus. She also served as a docent and led tours for visitors. Deepeaka was profiled for her work at the museum by UCLA’s Center for Community Learning. Her interview can be seen here:

Brianda Felix – Mayme Clayton Library and Museum

At the Mayme Clayton Library Museum in Culver City, Brianda learned about the basic, introductory steps of the archival process, with the sorting, organization, and cataloging of the Ted Lange Collection. She researched and developed its finding aid. Brianda also assisted in the cataloging of Movie Poster Collection. Among her final projects were two visual displays to compliment a Breast Cancer Awareness Conference hosted by the MCLM.

Spring 2014

Karen Sun -PS1 Pluralistic School

For their annual Shakespeare Festival, Karen’s tasks involved familiarizing a class of fifth and sixth graders with the social and historical background of Elizabethan England. Outside the classroom, she enjoyed socializing with the students and monitoring their educational experiences. Her intern experience prepared Karen for an upcoming teaching profession.


Macario Ricardo – School of History and Dramatic Arts

Yaminq H – Chinese Historical Society of Southern California

Marilyn Estrada – Museum of Tolerance Archives

Nick Manning – Museum of Social Justice

Justine Gaytan – Pluralistic School

Daniel Iniguez – El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Tyler Speetzen – Museum of Social Justice

Ann Bernadette Rodriguez – Institute for Arts & Media at CSUN

Joel Loaiza – Museum of Social Justice

Chae Lee – Museum of Social Justice

Trent Sneed – El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Trent contributed historical context materials for new exhibits. His work included research on the Zanja Madre, Los Angeles first irrigation system, and on the life of Antonio Miranda Rodriguez, Los Angeles’ lost Filipino pablodore

Yiming Ha – Historical Chinese Society of Southern California


Serena Yi-Rou Wu – Historical Chinese Society of Southern California


Winter 2014

Miles Stanley – Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum

Miles assisted with archival work on one of the many collections at the Mayme A. Clayton Library. He participated in Black History Month celebrations.

Varo Galastyan – Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum

Maria Andrea Huerta – University High 

Herman Ramos interned during Winter 2014.

Danielle Torrez – Emerson Middle School 

Melissa Stone – Museum of Tolerance

Jennifer Zhang interned during Winter 2014.

Spring 2013

Alexis Recto – Wende Museum

Alexis was involved with creating and reviewing Cold War curriculum related to the Berlin Wall. She integrated scanned documents and images for archiving.

Stefani Drown – Autry National Center

Stefani worked closely with the Director of Education at The Autry Museum in Griffith Park, conducting research and revising the museum’s docent training manual. She was active in compiling research on the American Western Frontier, the experience of Native and African Americans in the West, and Women of the West for ongoing and upcoming exhibitions.

Carla Ayala – El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Association

Carla created an interactive map detailing Los Angeles’ multi-cultural heritage. Carla conceptualized, researched, designed, and tested the map’s user-friendly capability, and presented the final project to a test group from a local high school.

Karol Dominguez – El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Association

Karol worked with archaeologists cataloging bottles excavated from various sites at El Pueblo. She also created a bottle identification worksheet and tested it with high school students. Her worksheet will be used in future academic and cultural workshops.

Sean Goodman – Mayme Clayton Library and Museum

Sean created a student learning packet for use with the museum’s interactive exhibit, “Audio Assault: Sounds of the Black Power Movement.” He also cataloged musical score sheets and archived reading materials about African American culture and history.

Reza Hajisanei – Mayme Clayton Library and Museum

Using the personal archives of Dr. Mayme A. Clayton, the museum’s founder, Reza wrote and edited a curriculum based on her life and legacy. He also helped catalog the museum’s collection of scrapbooks chronicling African American life during the last decades of the twentieth century.

John Grabowski – Natural History Museum

John outlined and created interactive games to use in conjunction with the Natural History Museum’s “Becoming Los Angeles” permanent exhibit, the 500-year story about how Los Angeles went from tiny pueblo to sprawling metropolis. In preparation for the exhibit’s opening, John delivered a talk on the history of Los Angeles for the education staff of the museum.

Virginia Lopez – Natural History Museum

Virginia worked on interactive learning games for the “Becoming Los Angeles” exhibit. She also coordinated a book discussion for that exhibit, using archived photographs and images to tell stories about L.A. history in the twentieth century. Her research focused on the manipulation of historical truths to communicate a singular narrative of the past.

Winter 2013

Erik Bernardino – School of History and Dramatic Arts

Erik helped with preparations for the first-ever all-school History Day Fair, providing individual help as well as researching judging sheets for use by volunteer judges. He also guest taught a 10th grade World History class.

Susan Simitian – Mayme Clayton Library and Museum

Susan helped research and provide historical context for the multimedia exhibit “Audio Assault: Sights and Sounds of the Black Power Movement.” She assisted with background research, pulled photographs from the museum’s collection and helped select audio pieces for the exhibit. Susan also helped with planning the layout of the exhibit space.

Kathy Fregoso – Mayme Clayton Library and Museum

Kathy helped archive the papers of African American architect Antoinette Culpepper. She also wrote an historical background about African American architects which will help contextualize the collection.

Michel Hollis – Wende Museum 

Michel used lesson activities in the NCHS archives and the Wende Museum collections, created a series of lessons about the Berlin Wall and the Cold War.

Shant Nazarian – Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy

LAANE was approaching its 25th anniversary and beginning to think about saving the history of the organization. Shant created an overview of their documents in storage, wrote a short history of their involvement with the living wage campaign in the 1990s, and coordinated recruiting a graduate intern from the UCLA Graduate School of Education and Information Studies to continue the work to create a formal archive.

Fall 2013

Allie Riska – School of History and Dramatic Arts

Brianda Barrera – Museum of Tolerance

Gabrielle Taylor – School of History and Dramatic Arts

Jessica Freed – El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Yingtong Chen – El Pueblo de Los Angeles

Cole Bezzant – Mayme A. Clayton Library and Museum

Krystle Hartsfield – Rita’s Project

Fall 2012

Carla Ayala – El Pueblo de Los Angeles Historical Monument

Carla researched the names and lives of the original shopkeepers at Olvera Street. Her work will be displayed on plaques that will be located in front of the stores owned by these individuals.

Susan Simitian School of History and Dramatic Arts

Susan provided supported to AP US History students and helped the school prepare for their first ever Community History Day competition.

Marina Anthony – School of History and Dramatic Arts

Bernadett Leggis – Los Angeles Black Worker Center

Bernadett Leggis recorded the oral history of a 90 year old with extensive experience in the Los Angeles construction industry and labor movement. The interview will be archived.

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