Welcome to the Public History Initiative (PHI) of the UCLA Department of History. We make history relevant and rewarding.

The PHI aims to facilitate widespread understanding that history is not only useful, but it is essential to grasping the human condition. Our mission is to move the insights and expertise of the UCLA Department of History beyond the academy into the realm of the general public. We seek, stimulate, share, and make accessible historical practices, findings, and perspectives. We cultivate broad understanding for how the present grew out of the past. We empower graduate and undergraduate students to become productive, analytical, and engaged citizens through internships and public engagement programming. We support  efforts to enliven the teaching of history at the university and K-12 level. We expand the reach of the department’s scholarship and training as well as the social value of the discipline by:

  • researching the relevance of the past,
  • innovating curricula and courses,
  • producing public programs, and
  • fostering core competencies and professional development for desirable career outcomes.

Our HistoryCorps program places undergraduate history students in credit-earning internships in museums, schools, and cultural organizations in the Los Angeles region.

The National Center for History in the Schools (NCHS), a division of the PHI, seeks to enliven the teaching of history at the university and K-12 level through publication and professional development resources.

PHI Director

Dr. Tawny Paul
(310) 825-2156


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Mailing Address

6265 Bunche Hall
Box 951473
Los Angeles, CA  90095-1473